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Be Happy In the Skin Your In... Congratulations President Trump.

Mary Craven

Posted on November 08 2016

As many of you know one of the reasons my daughter and I started making soap was to find a solution to help relieve skin issues from my Army Veteran, Brother. Sadly shortly after the formulation was perfected, Walt passed from an aggressive form of Brain cancer.  It seems at age 60 Vietnam veterans are diagnosed with cancers at extraordinary rates. Something my brother nor his physician were aware of. Walt was a force of a man, always doing and drove all around him to succeed! Walt would have like you President Trump.
As a daughter, daughter in law, sister, and aunt to men who risked their lives for this country I am saddened by the way our Veterans are treated. Walt joined the army and went to Vietnam when I was 8 years old. I remember my family waiting for his return at the airport with signs welcoming Walt and his best friend George. I remember seeing angry protesters spewing out hate toward them and even my family, just for being there to welcome them.
The last morning Walt and George had to return to Vietnam, George gave his usual bear hug but this time he told me that he would make sure. "I would always be safe". I remember hearing my father speaking to George's parents on the phone the night we were told George had been killed. George would have liked you, Mr. President.
I know of my father's fight, who was in the Navy, to navigate the VA for assistance with little success. I witnessed my father in law,  suffer from PTSD, almost 60 years after his last tour of duty in the Korean War. They were true patriots from the greatest of generations, and they would have liked you, President Trump.
I have listened to my nephew speak of his buddies, and the difficulties they all face from conditions of the Gulf War.  My Nephew likes you, President Trump. 
So Congratulations President Trump. This little business is growing and has big plans. We hope we will prosper in our great America under your leadership. As we do, we will pay it forward with support to our veterans. To everyone else who perhaps the election did not turn out the way, you had hoped. My brother Walt would say, "love of country is our protection, our skin. "  Be happy in the skin your in!
Edit: 2/12/17 Comments at this time are being disabled. First and foremost, we are American soap makers. Some have asked where the picture is from. It is of a WWII soldier new grave I visited. The rocks were found nearby and the boots are mine. 


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