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Best 5 Natural Acne Fighting natural treatments

Mary Craven

Posted on March 23 2016

For those who are battling acne, it can be an all consuming frustrating job. According to the American Academy of Dermatology, acne is the most common skin condition in the United States, affecting up to 50 million Americans annually.  The costs associated with the treatment of acne exceeds $3 billion. There are many over the counter and prescription medications to treat acne, but many of them come with unwanted side effects.

 Utilizing natural methods of fighting acne can be effective. The best acne treatment, does not dry out your skin, or completely strip your skin of oils and can improve your skins overall health. There are no “overnight” or “immediate” cures but the below list of natural acne treatments can make a quick difference. 


Alpha Hydroxy Acid is a natural citric acid found in many soaps and face treatments.  The Mayo Clinic states that alpha hydroxy acid helps to remove dead skin cells and unclog pores.   "Side effects include increased sensitivity to the sun, redness, mild stinging and skin irritation. " Mayo Clinic.  We have found it best when used at less then 1% of it's overall ingredients.

Vitamin D deficiency in Vitamin D,  can lead to an hormonal imbalance that may result in acne, especially face and forehead acne.  Vitamin D  is also known to help with healing, inflammation, regulating the skins oil production and helping your body to manage stress. Vitamin D should be taken as an oral supplement with the direction of your doctor.  It is recommended that Vitamin D be taken with food for best absorption. 

Sea salt  Topically Sea Salt can be used alone, as a scrub or in combination with other natural ingredients to keep skin clear. The exfoliation of the sea salts, will deep clean and slough off flaking skin. The sea salt can help to reduce bacteria on your face, and replenish minerals that help heal skin. 

Tea tree oil  Tea Tree Oil has been found to effectively treat acne. A study  by the Department of Dermatology in Australia (published in the Medical Journal of Australia in 1990) compared the effectiveness and tolerance of a 5% tea tree oil gel with a 5% benzoyl peroxide lotion in 124 people with acne. The results of the study found that both groups had a significant effect in reducing the number of acne breakouts over the three month period. Tea tree oil took longer to work initially, but was associated with fewer side effects.  This essential oil can be applied topically to affected areas.  

Cleanse twice a day with a natural soap Keeping skin clean is of course the best treatment for acne. However, Synthetic chemicals found in most soaps can strip the skin of its natural oils, prompting the skin to make more oil. Choose a soap that is natural, and look for some additional key ingredients like these which may help in the healing and treatment of acne.

  • Turmeric  Contains Curcumin which in a 2015 study was shown to be  helpful in psoriasis – when topically applied. Results showed that curcumin was effective in reducing inflammation.  While acne is not psoriasis,a reduction in inflamation could be helpful in acne teatment. NCBI publications
  •  Neem Oil The neem tree, originated in India and Southeast Asia and has been used for centuries in wound and skin care. The effectiveness of many of it's uses has been confirmed in modern research studies, showing, for example, that leaf gel can effectively fight periodontal disease, and that leaf extracts can combat scabies infections. You can read more about neem oil here 
  • Virgin Coconut Oil Contains Lauric Acid, which has been sudied as an effective treatment to reduce the inflammation of acne. There have also been numerous studies concluding virgin coconut oil  can be an effective topical skin treatment for dermatitis and other skin issues.
  • Carrot root oil: Containing skin loving Vitamin A
  • Baking Soda:  Pure baking soda, can help to gently exfoliate and clean skin.
Salty Soaps face it bar, is formulated to specific address acne and aging skin with all natural ingredients. Containing a large dose of turmeric, this face wash also contains Neem seed oil, virgin coconut oil, carrot seed oil, Tea tree oil, lavender, Orange extracts and orange peal,  Black sea salt (containing activated charcoal), Mediterranean sea salt and Himalayan pink sea salt.  Best of all, washing your face twice a day with the face it bar is all that is needed. No additional creams, or lotions.
At 4.00 a bar a real cost saving when you consider one bar last approximately 30 days. 




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