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Our Story

CapeLilly is a mother and daughter owned business, born out of our own family's frustration with diabetic skin, eczema, and teenage acne, inspired by ocean waters of Cape Cod, Massachusetts.

While my brother battled a Cancer diagnosis  I wanted to help ease a skin condition that had worsened with his cancer treatment. At the same time, I had struggled with my own skin care issues, as well as skin care issues my family was experiencing. Nothing bought or prescribed was working for us. When my brother stated that the "ocean's salt water was the only thing that helped, " I began researching products with sea salt only to find all included chemicals ingredients classified as skin irritants, known carcinogens, hormone disruptors, neurotoxins, and more.   

With the help of my daughter Lilly, we researched natural remedies acclaimed for their skin benefits. Most importantly we sourced local sea salts harvested off the coast of Chatham, Ma. These sea salts are rich in minerals like magnesium, essential in maintaining good skin health and elasticity. We made our first soap bar using a double processed technique taught to me by my Aunt years ago.  

Amazed at the results the soap had on the skin of our family and friends, we began to present our SaltySoaps at local Cape Cod Farmers Market. The response was incredible. Soon after we introduced sea salt infused skin care, adopted CapeLilly as our company name and launched the CapeLilly.com website.  

Today CapeLilly remains a family owned business dedicated to creating natural products with the benefits of mineral-rich sea salt. Our products are made in small batches; the only way to preserve the benefits of the natural ingredients.  We use no chemical additives or fillers and create scents only with beneficial essential oils.  Our customers are like family to us, and our products are made for our family and yours.         Mary

 "Our brand is dedicated to combining the wisdom of age-old remedies in our innovative handcrafted process to create highly effective 100% natural skin care. We are committed to advocating for the use of these natural ingredients for therapies, prevention, and relief."      Lilly