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Can Neem Soap help with eczema flare ups? What is Neem Oil?

Mary Craven

Posted on February 18 2016

Neem Soap benefits to skin include moisturizing skin, relieving redness and itchiness caused by eczema flare ups, psoriasis flare ups, athletes foot, ringworm, and dandruff. Any skin condition that is thought to be from a fungul infection could benefit from Neem. Neem Oil was one of the first ingredients we chose to include in our Eczema, works soap bar-it is the most requested ingredient at our farmers markets. . 

Neem refers to the Neem tree an ancient tree in South East Asia.  It's bark, leaves and oil have been used for years in that region for its medical value.   It is fast growing, can survive drought and poor soil and keeps its leaves all year round. It is a tall tree, up to 30 meters high, with leafy spreading branches.


There are references that Cleopatra used Neem Oil as a face serum. Even Doctor Oz, chose Neem as their Herb of the month.  He references his routine, where he washes his face with a neem product and uses a neem lotion.  Neem leaves have been traditionally used as a blood cleanser to their antiviral, antifugal and antiseptic qualities. Neem leaves are also used to treat many eye disorders such as conjunctivitis, skin conditions such as acne and rosacea, stomach ulcers, poor appetite, diabetes, gum disease, fever, liver disorders, and arthritis.  It is a potent Herb that can be taken internally, but certainly it is not advisable to do this without a doctors approval. For instance Neem is said to lower blood sugar in diabetics. Neem leaves are also used to treat many eye disorders such as conjunctivitis, skin conditions such  as acne and rosacea, stomach ulcers, poor appetite, diabetes, gum disease, fever, liver disorders, and arthritis 

 An easy way to get the Neem benefits is to use a product with Neem oil, or Neem leaf in it. 


We think showering offers an exceptional time to benefit yours skin with a bar of soap, as the heat of the water opens pores and increases circulation.  Our instagram, with a comment about the works bar with neem demonstrates it's relief. 




According to a University of Minnesota study "different factors can affect the absorption of oils through the skin. If you massage the area first, it will increase circulation to that area, thereby causing an increase in absorption of essential oils. Heat will likewise increase circulation and thus enhance absorption."

Neem has an absorption rate of 5, which mean it is slowly adsorbed into the skin. The absorption rate can be increased when paired with an oil more quickly absorbed oil. In our products we pair Neem with Grape seed oil, which has an absorption rate of 2. Make sure to choose a product that is chemical free so that the neem oils benefits are not outweighed, but damaging effects chemicals in soap can have on skin. Even Dove soap, a stable in my house growing up, noted for being gentle to skin, is full of dangerous chemicals. The product actually contains TRIETHANOLAMINE. A known cancer causing agent. As we have stated before if your 4th grader can not pronounce what is in the ingredients, you likely do not want it in your soap-there is just no need.  Neem's powerful antiseptic qualities also make it an alternative to soaps with Triclosan. Triclosan can be found in most antiseptic soaps and sanitizers. It is FDA approved but Triclosan is currently in the process of being reevaluated. you can read more about the FDA interest in Triclosan in this article.  

We love neem, and use it in our Works best, the best bar for soothing skin rashes and flare ups. Our  Works bar  also contains burdock root oil and tea tree oil, forming an anti-fungal triple threat that may target your skin-related woes. The soap bar's all natural ingredients and is particularly adept at targeting those frustrating eczema and psoriasis flare-ups. 

 You will find that it is rather uncommon to have neem in handmade soap bars. This is because in its earlier state, neem has a strong, foul smell. To remove its unpleasant odor we use a triple batch process. (Yes, you read that right - triple batch!) This ensures that there are not any foul scents left lingering behind and makes for an extra mild soap bar! In addition, we add chamomile, lavender and tea tree to this bar's list of power ingredients, so that the soap has an earthly, clean scent to it. 

We have found that our Works soap bar with Neem is very popular at farmers markets.  It is likely the fresh smell, and natural targeted ingredients that help with extremely dry skin, and skin prone to  eczema and psoriasis that make it so popular. It is also our most reordered bar soap

As with all of our soaps, this bar is handmade in small batches using all natural ingredients.Got questions? Let us know! Contact us at or at 617-816-4190



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  • Donna Proctor: February 11, 2016

    I wanted to let you know that I met you and your daughter at the Yarmouth Farmers Market. I tried your neem soap and I was the lady that came back for 5 more bars before the end of the season. Just placed an order for 6 bars. It is the only thing that has made my back eczema calm down and believe you me I have tried everything! Will you be at the Yarmouth market again this year, and if so when?

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