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Mary Craven

Posted on September 10 2015

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  • Donna Weik: November 15, 2015

    I stumbled upon the Salty Soaps booth at the Scallop Festival this fall and became intrigued when I overheard a conversation about exzema. Mary was explaining the benefits of using her soap called “The Works” to a young girl. My husband has exzema on his hands and has tried numerous creams that the doctors have prescribed and nothing has worked. I decided to give the soap a try and my only complaint is that I didn’t take a before picture of his hands before he started using the soap! Within 2 weeks of using the soap once daily his hands looked and felt amazing!! No more scaly rough palms. It is pretty remarkable. I have placed my second order and sent a few referrals already. Salty Soaps has some incredible products, I like the lavender soap and their lip balm also. Great company to deal with!!!!

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