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Does your sea salt soap contain Plastic?

lilly craven

Posted on October 01 2016

Incorporating sea salt soap into a skin care routine is a good thing. However, be careful to look at ingredients when choosing which sea salt soap to purchase.  Many include chemicals that can prove to be irritating to skin, and even plastic It's really an act of deception. Of course,one would assume the scratch is from sea salt, if the product is labeled sea salt soap.  Specifically, popular Swedish sea salt  soaps contain polyethylene which are plastic micro-beads, that give it that scratchy feeling-.  

Polyethylene is mostly used in making plastic bags and molds. Plastic can obviously be a skin irritant, enviormentaly it is  difficult to break down and causes damages to marine life. soap is a labor intensive process that must be made without chemicals and in small batches.  This is exactly how Salty Soaps makes every bar. It is also why we will continue making our soaps in house, and not opt to use a manufacturer.  "I would rather employ and train then outsource our soap making to a manufacturer who will add chemicals to our formulations in order to process through machinery." Founder, Mary Craven

At the end of 2015 President Obama took the step of banning exfoliating microbeads in the US by 2017. However, according to the "legislation included a number of loopholes in the definition of microplastics and the products it applied loopholes." You can see the complete list of companies that use micro beads at the International Campaign  against Micro beads.

Here is a quick example of some other ingredients that are found on labels of so called, "Natural" Sea Salt soaps. #getreal

  • fragrance-Not from essential oil. Not Natural and can be irritanting
  • titanium dioxide,  Derived from minerals. But there is some concern over its use.
  • sodium chloride, Common Table Salt
  • pentasodium,  pentelate,  Chelating Agent used to bind metals ions  
  • tetrasodium  or EDTA another chelating Agent
  • eidronate.stabillizer 




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