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  • Natural handmade soap benefits. Is it worth the switch?

    Mary Craven

    Posted on January 09 2023

    Natural handmade soap benefits. Is it worth the switch?
    Natural handmade soap has become more and more popular but is it worth the switch? Many handmade soaps are made with speciality ingredients that are gentle and less likely...
  • Being Small during Cov19

    Mary Craven

    Posted on April 14 2020

    Being Small during Cov19
    As the impact of the pandemic continues to impact all areas of the country, CapeLilly is taking a practical approach at this unusual time, using sound judgment, common sense and of course CDC guidelines to protect ourselves and others. We closely follow traditional FDA guidelines to soap making including using masks, gloves, eye protection and hairnets which closely follow the COVID-19 recommendations. Being a small Made in America maker, we can closely control the studio environment and are using one primary soap maker at this time. Shipping and packaging are completed in the same controlled studio with strict adherence to practical prevention. We practice intensive and often cleaning routines and washing. Containers are of course sanitized before use, packaging is stored safely and prepared packages are sprayed with an aerosol sanitized before leaving our shop. We are exclusively shipping USPS.
  • Pumpkin Spice and Everything Nice

    Posted on September 16 2019

  • Candida skin infections natural preventions

    Mary Craven

    Posted on April 09 2019

    Keeping your skins Candida in balance. Candida is a yeast that natur...
  • Choosing a Soap for Dermatitis

    Mary Craven

    Posted on February 02 2019

    Choosing a Soap for Dermatitis
    If you have Dermatitis choosing a soap to cleanse your skin can be daunting. Many soa...