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Bikini Bump Buster Himalayan Salt Natural handmade soap bar

Mary Craven

Posted on April 20 2016

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5 essential Tips to avoiding Bikini Bumps.

1. Cleanse the area first, rinse, then Lather and Shave,  Choose a soap with natural antiseptic properties.

2. Make sure to use a clean razor that is sharp. Store your razors out of the shower, and wipe dry. 

3. Do not sit around in wet clothing-moisture breeds bacteria. If you have a nick or ingrown hair bacteria will find it. 

4. Always shave in the direction hair is growing. Shave lightly with a few short strokes do not press down into skin.

5. After shaving/shower apply a cold wash cloth to the area to help close pores. 

Try our Bikini Bump Buster!   We filled our soap with key Holistic ingredients to prevent ingrown hairs, that lead to bikini bumps. This soap:

  • Features the moisturizing properties of a variety of flowers extracts,  herbs and three different sea salts: Pink Himalayan, Hawaiian Sea salt with Activated Charcoal and Atlantic Sea salts. 

  • The cleansing effects of coconut oil and the skin-enriching impact of olive oil, with Shea butter make for a smooth creamy lather.

  • The added sea salts, herbs and flower extracts, gently exfoliate with mild antiseptic properties.  

  • Aloe Oil is included to soothe the skin and speed healing.We recommend using the bar first to exfoliate skin, rinsing then lathering again to shave.

Exfoliating pink Himalayan sea salt  handmade soap bar.  Be sure to add it to your shopping cart! 


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