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Mom's approach to solving families skin problems launches all natural, handmade line of sea salt soaps and products.

In sync with the growing concern over additives in skin care and the interest in sea salts, SALTYSOAPS launches a line of soaps and skincare.

Founded by entrepreneur-mom and daughter(s) team of Boston local, Mary Craven and her daughter Lilly. SALTYSOAPS uses sea salts, sustainable plant oils, and historically medicinal botanicals and herbs in all of their products. “We first developed a line of handmade sea salt soaps with our families varied skin woes in mind. This initial product was met with a positive response at Cape Cod farmers market. People gravitate to the idea of how sea salt feels on your skin after stepping out of the ocean.” Says Mary. Once customers started using the soaps, the recorders fueled the business. “The success of our products are the sea salt and our well researched recipes.” Adds Mary's daughter, Lilly.  “ We use only ingredients that have been proven, in trials or studies, to be easily topically absorbed and beneficial to the skin.“ “We want people to change the way they think about soap. SALTYSOAPS is really a skin treatment in the shower. Love your soap, love your skin”

With interest from natural markets and a growing, on line business, SALTYSOAPS will continues to perfect a good thing. Their range of natural, chemical free products include soaps, scrubs, lip balms and lotions. The company also offers a popular recurring order plan. “80% of our on line customers opt into recurring orders. They receive fresh handmade soap delivered to their door each month.” said Mary. Salty Soaps is committed to using the finest natural vegan friendly ingredients and minimal packaging.  Saltysoaps is handmade in Boston during the winter months and Cape Cod during the summer. For more information visit