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We began making all salt-infused products in our own quest to remedy a family line of slow healing diabetic skin and problematic eczema.  We noted after leaving the cool waters of Cape Cod, wounds would heel a bit faster and skin issues would back down.  

Frustrated by the creams and ointments that seemed to help very little, or not at all, we set out to create an all natural soap. One that would include the healing properties of sea salts, and natural oils and spices that were found to be absorbed topically. After much batching, research and tweaking, we created a soap that not only cured mom's eczema, it dramatically shortened the healing time of uncle's cuts, cured cousin's athlete's foot, and brother's pre adolescence dandruff, and yet left skin feeling moisturized and healthy.  

With this success, we began Salty Soaps and started producing our soaps on a commercial basis. We chose the Narwhal as our logo because, some believe sea salts in soap are drying, and that Narwhals do not exist.  Neither are true.

Today you can still find us at the local farmers markets of Cape Cod, and of course, here on the Web. We offer a subscription service, if you prefer to have your soap delivered automatically each month. As in the beginning, we make our soap in small batches using the hot process method of soaping.

Our customers are like family to us. Give our soaps a try and let us know how it works for you. If you are not satisfied, we are not satisfied!

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