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Calendula Soap bar for delicate skin


Our Calendula soap bar has been formulated to be gentle on delicate and sensitive skin. Our own dried organic Calendula and finely ground sea salt are infused into distilled water and coconut milk to create this gentle formula.  

Calendula has been found to be helpful with burns and to help in preventing skin inflammation.  Calendula ointment applied to the skin reduced painful swelling and irritation associated with radiation therapy in breast cancer patients.

We use Calendula in our holistic ointment found here:

Ingredients Calendula infused Olive Oil, Carrot seed oil, Hemp seed oil, Organic Coconut Oil, Coconut Milk, Cape Cod sea salts, *sodium hydroxide, Turmeric, Neem Oil, Essential oils

*used only in the initial soaping process none remains in the final product. 

4 oz



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