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Refresh Eye Cream Back in stock

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Soothe and restore the delicate tissue under your eyes, with our Coffee bean infused eye cream.   Silky smooth texture glides over the delicate eye area. 

Why infusion: An infusion method is also the stable of our philosophy of Holistic skincare. Infusions allow carrier oils to slowly absorb the properties of herbs and flowers making a mild yet effective end product.    

About Evening Primrose OI:  Although there have been limited studies for the topical results of evening primrose oil it has long been used cosmetically and known to depart moisturizing properties. It is a gentle oil that can be used on most sensitive and aging skin. At least one clinical study confirmed topical Evening Primrose Oil hydrates skin and prevents dryness.*  

Simple Natural Ingredients: Coffee infused pomegranate oil, shea butter, evening primrose, and rosehip oil. 2 oz in a round tin. 




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