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Pink Himalayan Crystal soap Gift set, set of 6 bars, gift set


Six bars of our 100% natural Pink Himalayan crystal sea salt soap, wrapped in tulle. A handmade gift is helpful to the body and mind.  Metaphysically Pink Himalayan salts have been used in purification and to dispell negativity. These crystals are also said to have a grounding and centering energy, helping to release attachments and heighten intuition.   
Physically the benefits of Pink Himalayan salt soap are many. Naturally, detox these bars deep clean and harmonize skins PH. Great for aging or dry skin Himalayan salt replenishes minerals and helps to lock in moisture. While nourishing butters and oils smooth and protect. Briskly scented with refreshing peppermint and ginger essential oils. 
6 bars wrapped with our original artwork labels and tulle. Each bar will last an average person 30 days.

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