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Free Bar of soap for Veterans

As a small token of appreciation to our United States Veterans who work to keep us free.

 If you are an active, disabled or retired veteran and would like to receive a free bar of our Sea salt soap:

 Please contact us :
We will ask that you submit a general form of identification. 

As we are a small business, limited supply available, but we will honor as many requests as we can.

 If we are unable to fulfill your request, we will place you on our waiting list, until we are able to

reopen the program again. 

No chemicals, no chemical by-products. Minimal packaging. 100% natural, locally sourced ingredients. Proudly made by hand in Massachusetts.

CapeLilly and SaltySoaps unites a complete line of soaps, balms, and home care products.  Each product is a result of sophisticated studies of holistic naturals and simple handmade production. 



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