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Salted Coffee Body Scrub


Atlantic Sea Salt, body scrub, enriched with clarifying Oils and essential oils. Hands down, the most important thing you can do for your skin is to exfoliate. Exfoliating keeps the skin looking it's best. Our Ocean salt Scrub has naturally exfoliating sea salt, paired with oils that are easily absorbed into the skin. We used several different oils, as the mineral and vitamin content of each is different.  Naturally scented with coffee and hazelnut, a great way to start a morning. 

Why our Salt Scrub is the Best! Compare our ingredients:

Pure Salts We include pure Atlantic sea salts, harvested on Cape Cod.  Many sea salts are over-processed and lose a large amount of the mineral content. 

Argan Oil-A light nongreasy oil, rich in beneficial fatty acids and vitamin E.

Pumpkin Seed Oil- Light nongreasy oil, rich in Zinc and Omega 3 fats

Shea Butter-A skin superfood. Contains Cinnamic acid thought to be anti-inflammatory

Coconut Oil-Amazing, cleansing and thought to have antimicrobial properties

Rose Hip Oil-Combats free radicals from sun damage

Coffee-stimulates circulation  

8 oz recycled  PBA amber jar

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