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Eczema balm. Expose your skin, not your eczema!


Expose your skin, not your Eczema!  We took a broad spectrum approach to stopping the red, itchy skin associated with all types of Eczema. Our original blend of sea salt infused oils, powerful herbs known for their antifungal properties, and essential oils quickly removes the itch. We included spices to relieve inflammation and calm irritated skin. Works to promote healing and balance skins ph so your body can repair naturally and expose it's beautiful healthy skin.  Concentrated waterless formula without any chemicals or preservatives. Not only does this magical cream work on Excema, use it on any rash and insect bites too! No more itchy summers.

A little goes a long way!

We are so confident we guarantee it! If you're skin does not feel and look improved, return the unused portion for a full refund. No questions asked. 

A note from Mary, "I am diabetic. When the doctor wanted me to start a steriod cream for my eczema I had enough. This formula is powerful yet gentle. t I have seen it work wonders, including on my own eczema."

6 oz 

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